Security for Defence & Sensitive Establishments
Automatic Bollards ( K4 / K8 / K12 Equivalent)
Suitable for both high-security and traffic control, BGI's B-series bollards have been proven to be durable, reliable and a perfect solution for heavy duty applications.

The wide range of bollards offered by BGI provides a cost-effective solution for every site. The automatic, semi-automatic and fixed versions are all engineered to meet international anti-ramming standards.
Fully Automatic Bollards
Operated either pneumatically or hydraulically, the B3000 series offers the highest standard of anti-ramming and security protection. Taking as little as 2 seconds to reach the fully raised position, these bollards can be used in the most demanding locations where high-volume traffic flows must be managed. The B3000 bollards are often combined with light arm barriers to provide maximum deterrence and safety. With a hard-wearing stainless steel finish, the bollards are engineered to meet the DOS and PAS standards for anti-ramming and are used extensively to protect sensitive government and military locations as well as civilian compounds. When powered by BGI's innovative pneumatic system, the bollards can be operated at very high speeds and when combined with a light arm, the air pressure can be used to simply and accurately synchronize with other elements in the system. The use of air pressure also significantly reduces the wear and tear on the components and provides years of maintenance free use.

With a patent-pending mechanism for releasing the internal piston, the bollards can be maintained without disassembly and if necessary, the entire unit can be removed without the need for digging out the foundations.
Pneumatic Bollards Specifications:

Hydraulic Bollards Specifications:
Semi Automatic Bollards
Designed with simplicity of operation in mind, the B4000 bollards contain a gas-filled piston which automatically raises the bollard and locks it into position when the key is inserted.

To lower the bollard, the key is inserted to release the lock and then steady pressure is applied to the top. When the bollard is fully lowered, it automatically locks in position.

Keys for the B4000 series are cut in such a way as to thwart attempts at forcing the bollards closed. The piston is engineered to the highest standards and can easily be removed for maintenance.
Fixed Bollards
With a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, BGI's decorative fixed bollards are a cost-effective and efficient way of marking and protecting a perimeter or traffic line.BGI’s fixed bollards is also ideal for ports and has already been used in the ports of Israel.