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Automatic Pay Station
The Automatic Pay Station makes paying on foot simple and quick for your patrons. While offering a host of programming possibilities, it is extremely user friendly and can effortlessly guide the customer through the payment steps and options.

Because of our unique barcode technology, the station can still read a ticket if it is creased or damaged. The programmable screen will indicate the fee owed and give the customer choices for paying in cash, by credit card or with pre-issued validation stickers. The APS-20 allows your patron to cancel the transaction or call for assistance via the intercom. Lost tickets can also be processed at the APS-20. Receipts print automatically or on demand and change for cash payment is dispensed. If a customer has to cancel a transaction after partially paying, their ticket will reflect a credit to be applied when they decide to complete their payment.

The Pay Station can also be programmed to allow monthly customers to settle their account through this system.
Standard :
  • Large 10.4" LCD display
  • Secure Vault technology
  • Built-in credit and debit card reader
  • Three programmable buttons on either side of the screen
  • Built-in Intercom substation
  • Bill dispenser for one denomination
  • Built-in receipt printer
Optional :
  • Audible alarm that sounds when machine is opened without authorization
These well-designed, stainless steel machines are durable and built to last. Safe and secure, the APS-20 is vandal and tamper proof. It includes both mechanical and electronic locks to prevent unauthorized opening. Transaction reports are automatically printed when the door is opened. Another report is printed upon closure to reflect the maintenance which has taken place.