Parking System (In collaboration with , Israel)
Cashier Terminal
The central controller of your parking system: This Cash Terminal is a secure device which allows you to program any machine on the system, saving you time and effort. Through its sophisticated technology, you are capable of almost unlimited variations on your fee structure, while still allowing you to easily monitor your accounts.

Extremely user friendly, the Cash Terminal features 16 programmable keys and offers the capability of programming 99 additional validations. While smaller operations may have it serve as a stand alone unit, larger facilities can control up to 64 machines throughout the parking network.

Because it controls the parking system, the Cashier Terminal requires a sign in with a code or card reader. Value and Time slot reports, shift reports and Z-reports can all be printed using the internal printing system. Password protection assures security for managers monitoring the reports.
Through this central device you are able to:
  • Program ticket rates
  • Program header and footer messages on tickets
  • Issue levels of parking permissions
  • Remotely operate gates
  • Remotely change the value of a ticket
  • Set up parking restrictions
  • Program lane restrictions
  • Issue customer reports
Standard Features:
  • 2x16 character backlit LCD Display
  • Built-in receipt Printer (2” ¼ paper width)
  • Built-in magnetic card reader to accept credit and debit cards
  • Up to 16 cashiers
  • Login via password or magnetic stripe card
  • Controls up to 4 lanes of traffic
  • 8 additional units can be connected in the Master-Slave configuration to allow control of more lanes
  • Rates can be fully programmed (password protected)
  • Integrates with majority of proximity card readers
Optional Features :
  • Software for communication line to bank accounts
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • External VFD Customer display
  • External receipt or ticket validation