civil Projects
B.M.W. Bulgaria
B.M.W. Bulgaria – civil project for KAMOR

Supply and installation of 2 impact-resistant barriers model K-6005, B.M.W. agency in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv
Securing the entrance to the hospital by installation of 5 security pneumatic bollards.
Cellcom Netanya
Installation of quick pneumatic barriers that serve about 3,000 parking spaces, combined with fixed bollards having a unique design (iron ball).
Partner Rosh Ha’ayin and Haifa
Supply and installation of security barrier model K-6000 plus pneumatic bollards combined with an arm barrier + traffic light, and other security measures and computerized command and control system.
Hacarmel open market in Tel Aviv
Hacarmel open market in Tel Aviv – project for the Tel Aviv municipality.

Supply and installation of 12 pneumatic bollards for protection and access control for the Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian only street and Hacarmel open market + 3 semi-automatic bollards.
Tiberius Pedestrian only street
Access control for the pedestrian only street by pneumatic bollards + computerized command and control system.
Moshe Aviv Towers, Ramat Gan
Protection around the towers with 8” stainless steel bollards + semi-automatic bollards to allow access for emergency and service vehicles.
Michmoret, settlement in the central coastal plain of Israel
Installation of 2 security arm barriers for securing the entrance to Michmoret, combined with cellular entrance control.
Kibbutz Shfayim
Supply and installation of security arm barriers activated by a cellular operating system.