Parking System (In collaboration with , Israel)
Entry Terminal
The MP-30 is your customer’s first introduction to your PARC System and it sets the stage by being straightforward and simple to use. The Entry Terminal can easily be programmed to determine whether to issue a ticket automatically for high peak hours or at the press of a button.

If for some reason the ticket is not removed, the machine will automatically retract and cancel it. The ticket will be flagged in the system as “invalid” and cannot be used for exiting.

Monthly customers are able to gain access through a proximity card reader located on the face of the aesthetically pleasing stainless steel housing. In lieu of the proximity card reader, other technologies are offered upon request.

For maintenance, you will find that the interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks which glide open with just a pull. The ticket paper roll dispenses more than 5,000 tickets and can be quickly replaced. In fact, changing the roll is as simple as changing the paper in your office copier.

A low ticket sensor will indicate when the roll needs to be changed.
Standard Features:
  • Built-in Intercom
  • Substation Stainless
  • Steel housing
  • Aluminum pedestal
  • Built-in loop detector
  • Heavy Duty Thermal printer with ticket retractor
  • Proximity Reader for monthly parkers
  • 2x16 backlit LCD display
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Built-in Heater
Optional Features :
  • Magnetic stripe card reader
  • Key pad entry