Security for Commercial Establishments
Full Height Turnstile
BGI Engitech manufactures a complete range of full height turnstiles. BGI Turnstile series is designed to provide quick entrance to authorized employees and visitors, while maintaining aesthetics of the surrounding.

Our turnstiles engineered to meet the most demanding access control needs, these turnstiles can be integrated with leading edge technology and features as well as function independently.

Application Areas: Office Buildings, Corporate Lobbies, Governmental Facilities, Financial Institutions, Defense Installations, Data Centers, University/Educational Institutions, Leisure Centers and Bus Terminals/Depots.
Single Lane Full Height Turnstile
BGI Engitech manufactures hi-quality Single Lane Full Height Turnstiles. Our Single Lane Full Height Turnstiles are fast, reliable, durable, easy to install and provide hassle-free operation.
Dual Lane Full Height Turnstile
BGI Engitech manufactures most secure Dual Lane Full Height Turnstiles. These dual lane full height turnstiles are ideal to secure the passage where high volume of people passing through, especially mega-events. BGI's Dual Lane Full Height turnstiles can be customized to meet cleint's all access control needs.