Engineered to meet the most exacting international standards for antiramming products, BGI's bollards and gates are able to withstand impacts and provide a safe and secure barrier for your facility entrances and exits. Our innovative cable barriers are industry leaders in mobile or fixed solutions and our pneumatically operated anti-ramming bollards have been designed to provide maximum performance and reliability.

Protecting sensitive military and government facilities and commercial compounds around the world, BGI intelligent barriers will meet all your protection needs and our team of physical security consultants will work with you to ensure the optimum solution to your security challenges.
Traffic Control
The demands of high volume traffic at border crossings, stations, airports and key urban locations require a fast and efficient barrier solution. BGI designed its pneumatically operated light arm barriers, hollow spike systems and bollards to meet this need. BGI products are deployed at some locations that demand in excess of 5,000 opening/closing cycles per day.

The pneumatic operation of these high-speed systems provides troublefree operation around the clock and the simple and reliable infrastructure results in very low maintenance requirements.
BGI arm barriers, spikes and bollards are combined to provide optimum solutions to many different parking challenges. When combined with advanced access control, BGI barrier solutions provide a perfect balance of protection, monitoring and control.

Designed to resist vandals and provide high reliability for unatended locations, the BGI pneumatic or electrically operated barriers are deployed extensively at public and private card parks and compound entrances. License plate recognition, cellular phone activation, biometric checks or simple remote controls are all used to provide levels of security to meet our clients' needs.