Parking System (In collaboration with , Israel)
TIBA Smart Guidance System (TSGS–30)
The TSGS–30 is an electronic system, designed to assist drivers in finding quickly and easily a vacant parking space inside a parking lot.

The TSGS–30 utilizes sophisticated technology, based on using Ultra-Sonic wave detector with Red-Green lights on top of each parking space.

The TSGS–30 uses also electronic signage of directional arrows, guiding the driver to the nearest low-occupancy zone.
Who needs the TSGS–30 system?
  • Shopping malls.
  • Business centers.
  • Entertainment centers
  • Off street parking garages.
  • Hotels.
  • Universities.
  • Hospitals.
How can the system increase my revenue?
Customers will prefer a parking structure, which saves time in finding a parking spot. When your regular customers or monthly parkers know they will find easily a parking spot in your facility, they will prefer to park in your parking lot instead of parking elsewhere.
How can the system reduce my ongoing operational costs?
  • Less staff on duty to direct and assist drivers.
How can the system reduce my ongoing maintenance costs?
  • Less repairs for faulty counting loops and loop detectors.
  • Less pollution saves on CO filtering system costs.
  • Less road maintenance costs.