Security Projects
Karni terminal
project for the Israel Airports Authority The project includes:

» Security and access control quick barriers.

» 56 heavy-duty upper track gates, to close the interlocks (divided entry).

» Installation of protection measures on the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

» Hydraulic pressure doors.

» Computerized activation array for the entire premises
109 separation fence line
project for the Ministry of Defense Securing the Israeli territory after Alfei Menashe, impact resistant console gates.

Each wing is about 30-m long, which makes it one of the longest gates in Israel.
Reichan border-crossing checkpoint
project for the Ministry of Defense.

Securing the crossing point by impact resistant console gates.
Ofer base (border line)
project for the Ministry of Defense.

Supply and installation of 6 impact-resistant barriers model K-6000 and securing the project, back-to-back, with an impact resistant console gate.
Project for the Ministry of Defense
Project for the Ministry of Defense in a top-security facility in the north of Israel.

Installation of console gates and impact-resistant wing gates, pneumatic bollards, building of interlocks (divided entry) including the command, control, software and hardware systems.
Securing settlements in the south
Securing settlements in the south by heavy-duty console gates and impact resistant K-6000 barriers.
Government building area in Tel Aviv
Securing the area with impact-resistant bollards combined with other security measures.

project for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Securing the street where the embassy is located by 3 impact-resistant barriers, to protect it from vehicle intrusion, including trucks.

Concealed concrete weights, model K-6005.
Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)
power station in Ashdod At the entrance to the power station, installation of interlocks (divided entry), 3 console gates at the compound entrance, and 12 impact-resistant pneumatic bollards.

In addition, installations and service of console gates and securing of other IEC stations countrywide.

Installation of protection measures in numerous embassies worldwide by retractable bollards (Singapore, Tokyo, Jordan, India, South America, Pretoria, Tbilisi, etc.)