Threat & Risk Analysis
As the first step to planning an upgrade either to your perimeter security or your facility's security in general, BGI recommends a complete threat and risk analysis. Undertaken by leading physical security consultants, this study is the first step to understanding the level of your current protection and your vulnerability.

A threat and risk analysis report will tell you:

» Which threats are relevant to your facility and how seriously they      should be taken.

» Where are the vulnerabilities in your buildings, technology and      procedures.

» In what priority the vulnerabilities should be addressed.

The study can focus specifically on perimeter security or the scope can be expanded to cover your entire facility.
Physical Security Consulting
BGI is able to call upon a team of world class security consultants to offer a complete physical security consulting service. Specializing in physical security, our experts are able to advise on a wide range of subjects relating both to building and technology:

Physical : Architecture, windows, structure, landscaping, perimeter, entrances, exits and all other physical elements.

Technological : Surveillance, control room, access control, screening equipment, alarm, detection systems, information security, and security related technology.

Our team of experts has worked with governments and corporations world wide and will be happy to assist you with the design and implementation of complete physical security solutions which incorporates BGI perimeter security protection.
Installation & Maintenance
Through our worldwide network of distributors and dealers, BGI are pleased to be able to provide installation and maintenance for our entire range of products. Installations for complex entrance designs can be handled entirely by our team as turn-key projects, or alternatively the products can be supplied for simple installation.
Many of our products can be customized to your needs. Our design and engineering team will be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop a solution.

Access control often needs to be integrated with other security systems or enterprise IT and our specialists will ensure seamless implementation and integration with your existing environment.