Parking System (In collaboration with , Israel)
Vehicle Pay Station
The Vehicle Pay Station allows your patrons to choose their preferred method of payment before exiting. Utilizing a magnetic card reader, customers can pay via credit card. Additionally, the VPS-30 accepts and dispenses bills, with an optional coin dispenser. Like most T.I.B.A. equipment, this unit accomondates a flexible rate structure.

The VPS-30 comes with any feature you may need to accept payments in the lane: A credit card reader and receipt printer, an intercom substation and a built-in proximity card reader eliminates the need for an external reader mounted on a goose neck.

The payment option in the lane allows you to collect fees around the clock. This way you capture revenue otherwise lost when a cashier is not on duty and the gate was opened. Tickets are swallowed for auditing.

As with all TIBA equipment, maintaining the VPS-30 is a breeze. With the two separate housings your staff can perform routine maintenance while only the manager has access to the cash.
Standard Features :
  • Built-in intercom sub-station with call button
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Built-in loop detector
  • Motorized barcode reader
  • 2x16 backlit LCD display
  • Proximity reader for monthly parkers
  • Magnetic card reader to accept credit and debit cards
  • Bill acceptor
  • Receipt printer
  • 2 denomination bill dispenser
  • Data line surge protection and heater