Parking System (In collaboration with , Israel)
Wallmount Validation Unit (CV-30)
The CV-30 Wall mount validation unit is an intelligent parking ticket validation device.It allows the customer to scan their parking ticket to get it validated.

The CV-30 will validate parking tickets with a pre defined validation rate. The validation type is pre-selected by the operator.

Validation types can be a flat rate, discounted rate, hours discount, percentage discount,special pricelist assignment and moreā€¦

The Validation unit can be activated or deactivated at certain days and times.

Validations are monitored in real-time in the TMS - Smart park management software.Validations can be associated to a specific user group for future billing.

All parking devices in the lot will recognize the validation, calculate the new parking fee and update the balance accordingly.

TIBA is once again setting new standards when it comes to user friendliness.
Standard Features:
  • 2X16 backlit LCD display.
  • Data line surge suppressor.
  • Build in Intercom substation.
  • Rugged aluminum housing.
  • TCP/IP Communication.
Optional Features :
  • Proximity card reader.